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The city of Newcastle is famous for its friendliness and the Jewish community reflects this, welcoming visitors, students and new residents alike with a warmth and hospitality that is second to none.

As well as providing spiritual leadership, the Orthodox congregation led by Rabbi Aaron Lipsey (www.uhc-newcastle.org/index.html) and the Reform congregation led by Rabbi Barbara Borts (www.nertamid.org.uk/) offer a diverse range of social and cultural activities including regular Friday night dinners. An Adult Ed programme, book group, Leisure Group, Israeli dancing and a lunch club are some of the regular events on offer.

Beginner’s bridge, a walking group, the Jewish Players drama group and the newly-established Cultural Connexions are just a few of the other activities bringing together Jewish people from across the North-East. For the youngsters there is an Orthodox Cheder and a thriving JLGB and for students the local J-Socs are well-supported by the community and student chaplain, Rabbi Lipsey.

The Jewish Care Home Phillip Cussins House was recently awarded the highest, 3* accolade from the Care Quality Commission (www.philipcussinshouse.co.uk/). The voluntary Jewish community care service (NEJCS) provides support and assistance to whomsoever may need it, irrespective of affiliation.

A fully stocked, on-site kosher facility supervised by Rabbi Lipsey provides meat and poultry, bread, deli and dry goods, with fresh deliveries from London and Manchester. And for those wishing to venture further afield, there is a kosher shopping area just across the Tyne Bridge in the Gateshead Charedi community.

For any enquiries please contact repcouncil@northeastjewish.org.uk

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