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2 thoughts on “Recorder Offices

  1. Dear Sir, I wonder if you could help me :

    I’ve always wanted to know what my proper family name is.
    I am told that my ancestors were Soloman (something) and Mary Doshan – married, they were Jews who came into this country through Newcastle probably about the years 1838 to 1853.They were both illiterate and the Newcastle authorities gave them the surname of “Cohen”.
    Their son, Nathan – my great grandfather was born 13/9/1862 in B’ham where they went to live and work. But it was back from the Jews in Newcastle that Nathan was matched with his wife (I don’t know her name as I am descended from his second marriage).
    I wonder if you could point me to any records :
    local jewish bodies in Newcastle or
    steamship records ?


    Dr. R. Hardy

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