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WELCOME to the website of the Representative Council of North-East Jewry, the ‘umbrella’ organization for Jewish communities and organizations in the North-East of England in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, and Cleveland.

If you want to get in touch, if you are Jewish or non-Jewish, send an e-mail to this address: and you will receive a reply from the appropriate person or organization.

There is a very wide range of Jewish organizations in the North-East covering activities from Torah learning to table tennis, so if you are Jewish and living or staying in the area, or planning to, it is definitely worth your while getting in touch. You will be assured of a warm and friendly Geordie welcome. Some of our member organizations have their own websites, so you can get in touch with them directly, but some do not.

Most of our community live in or near Newcastle upon Tyne (the ultra-orthodox Gateshead community is just a few minutes and miles across the River Tyne). Newcastle has two impressive synagogues, a ‘United Synagogue style’ orthodox (The United Hebrew Congregation), and a reform (affiliated to the Movement for Reform Judaism). The orthodox synagogue holds three services every day on weekdays as well as on Shabbat and the Festivals. A full range of Kosher food is available locally.

The region has five universities – Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria (in Newcastle), Sunderland, and Teesside. There are Jewish students in all of these with Jewish Societies at Durham, Newcastle, and Northumbria. The rabbi of the orthodox synagogue is the Student Chaplain. There is a small Hillel House in Newcastle.

We are an outward looking community making a strong contribution to society locally and nationally as well as to the Jewish community nationally out of all proportion to our relatively small numbers. For example, the current Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne is an active member of the orthodox synagogue, and our community has produced two Lord Chief Justices in the last twenty years.

The region boasts fine cities and towns with a great and varied cultural life, fantastic shopping, and excellent local transport including a very good ‘Metro’ local train system. It includes two World Heritage sites (Durham Cathedral and Hadrian’s Wall), magnificent countryside and coastline (both easily accessible in literally minutes from the urban centres), and has made a great contribution to the history of Britain and world civilization.

Newcastle boasts an international airport with direct flights to other parts of the country, Europe, and worldwide. Trains on the East Coast main line to and from London are every half hour.

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